90-days solo trip in Japan

Some of my friends and acquaintances know I flew to Japan alone and stayed there for 90 days. None of them and also my family members are aware of all the experiences I had in Japan, so I will be updating this blog to let them know. No lah! My main purpose is to record of how I have done, eaten, felt, heard, seen and thought, and indulge in my reminiscence. My first time of travelling alone and visiting Japan, though my Japanese is not even on elementary level! I have done many things the first time too. Farming, hiking mountains alone, hitch-hiking and etc! Until now, I sometimes feel amazed for returned home in one piece. Farming can be dangerous!; I will illustrate when I share my WWOOF experience. Thus, I think my sharing on my 90-days solo trip in Japan may become a diary. I doubt readers other me (if any) can endure reading my long stories.

I will start my new job soon, and I have a lot to learn. Thus, I have no idea when I will complete writing about my trip. I will begin writing about my days in my most favourite prefecture in the Kansai region, Wakayama prefecture. It’s a pity that only five people (three are foreigners I crossed paths with in Japan) I know visited Wakayama prefecture! I know three of them went Koyasan and one went Wakayama city. I don’t know the last acquaintance went where in Wakayama prefecture except he went there for a sailing championship. Other than Koyasan, Wakayama prefecture has other beautiful places. I find Wakayama city is way less beautiful because it is a city like its name says. I love visiting remote rural areas, especially those with ambience and/or scenery I feel magnificent. You may discover why I like Wakayama prefecture the most among the seven prefectures in the Kansai region if you follow my blog (I will be surprised if people tell me they follow, so surprise me? 😂). I ‘reveal’ a few photos first.


I haven’t visited Mie and Shiga prefectures that are also within the Kansai region, but I’m confident to conclude that not visiting Wakayama prefecture if you fly to Osaka is a waste. Why? Because Wakayama prefecture is my most favourite prefecture in the Kansai region. Hahaha

Afterwards, if I have the time, I will write about my most favorite island, Yoron Island. Near to the island’s Ooganeku Beach, it’s the Yurigahama. I visited it! HURRAH! I have wished badly to visit Yurigahama ever after I saw its beautiful photos on Tsunagu Japan.
I’m very glad that I had included Yoron Island in my extended itinerary (45 days to 90 days) when I was in Japan. Only one or two among my Facebook friends visited Yurigahama excluding the islanders who live there. I made friends with a few islanders!


Not only the beauty of Yurigahama left me a deep impression, but also the fervent islanders. I had a lot of fun with a few islanders. Danced, drank and sang! I even did simple yoga and ‘recited scriptures’ with a few other islanders!

After sharing my most favourite prefecture in the Kansai region and most favourite island (Wakayama prefecture and Yoron Island FTW!), I will start writing about my WWOOF experience or my days I spent in other prefectures. Japan has 47 prefectures; I merely went 8 prefectures which are Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama, Tottori, Okinawa, and Kagoshima.

No tourism bureau in Japan engages me to evangelize about the beauty of some places. I write purely in my personal capacity because I want to share the ravishing places (I find) I went.


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