I often miss my 90-days solo trip in Japan 😢

Today I miss my 90-days solo trip in Japan 😢 The severity is I feel like my soul is dying and I can’t belong to Singapore. I’m not kidding! My elder sister can understand my feeling!

I ‘worked’ with a British guy during my last WWOOF period. He is actually not a WWOOFer, I remember he said a WWOOFer bought him to the animal farm 😂 He said he belongs to the world instead of London after I asked him where he is from. He has travelled for two to three years consecutively when I encountered him in June, he may still be travelling!

I guess belonging to the world is one of the things I wanna have. “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.” However, got Facebook and Instagram lah! Hahaha

Anyway, share some photos 😆 I took them at Osaka castle. I spent some time on doing the collages!

So many tourists visit Osaka castle. I think very few people know an arcanum aka secret place exists in the Osaka prefecture. A Shanghaiese guy visited that arcanum after working in Osaka for a few years! Thus, he is surprised that I visited that arcanum ✌🏻️ Heng I followed an Irish lady to that arcanum! Less than 10 people were in that arcanum when we were visiting! So many people in Osaka castle and its surrounding area. So touristy! I recommended that arcanum to a Chinese girl and a Taiwanese guy, the Chinese girl told me that she likes it! Even though she lives in China that has natural sceneries way better than Singapore, she also likes it! I won’t know how real her sentiment is. She may be courteous lah

I will reveal the name of that arcanum when I write about my days in the Osaka prefecture. Hehehe 😆


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